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    Earth-Pinecone Run
    Murray Cup

    Today I learned about the famous Earth-Pinecone Run!

    Pinecone is a planetoid aka Ellis XIII (with an irregular shape that lead to the name Pinecone).

    Galactic Guide – Ellis:

    The outermost planet in the system, Ellis XIII, is known locally as Pinecone due to its strange shattered rock surface. Pinecone is rich in heavy minerals and is a popular destination for long-haul miners, many of whom transport ores all the way back to Earth itself for resale.

    Writers Guide, Part 9:

    The Earth-Pinecone Run was the first main commercial transport route between Sol and the Ellis system. The route itself changed and expanded after the proliferation of Terra, so now the Run links Earth and Terra (it still has a layover in Ellis).

    Fun stuff you learn when you are entering lore!

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