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    First off, very proud to say that I’ve spent some time working (even now considered sr staff as one of three Chief Editors) on the new Star Citizen Wiki which won MVP in today’s AtV.

    That project and my involvement grew out of this one in many real ways.

    Does that mean the end of

    Maybe, but not necessarily.

    It probably at least means a focus change.

    The SCW project is focused on real world facts and CIG canon lore only. It’s primary “voice” is out of character 21rst century look at the Game Development, Lore, and Mechanics. No community lore. In fact the decision was made to not even list Player Orgs or Content Creators except on the Community Links page. (Some part of that will probably be revisited as the PU Matures.)

    So we could potentially take up this slack here. If that interest grows.

    Another thought would be a pure in-char wiki, but probably would have to have some Behind The Scenes component. Could have various levels of canon, CIG, approved CSC-Extended Universe, non-canon.

    What would be needed is a group of people with some enthusiasm for the concept(s). (Or alternative ideas.)

    I’ll be around if that develops.

    – CZenStar

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