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    Call Sign: The Transhumanitarian
    Birth Name: Unknown
    Birth Place: Unknown (probably Earth)
    Age: Unknown (Very old, uses cold sleep to extend life span)
    Profession: Wealthy Industrialist with an Agenda

    The Transhumanitarian is probably the most complex well developed player character that I will probably never play. He’s what I call a legacy character, he’ll probably be the Patron of my actual player characters.

    Way back in the day, I recall coining the term “Transhumanitarian” at a party with some folks in the Transhumanist “movement”. It reflected on the idea that many in that movement weren’t exactly humanitarians and that we could do better.

    I know at least one person has gone by that name since then, but recent searches show it as inactive, so I opted to use it for my handle when I initially pledged for Star Citizen. Partly since I hoped to see more “futuresque” become better than mere human in 900 years. I thought it would be interesting have a guy disappointed with what opportunities humanity had and not pursued.

    One conceit that may or may not be part of the final profile: With life extension technologies and cold sleep being around for quite some time, this char could well be me (the player) survived to see the age of Star Citizen. It’s a stretch, and not quite plausible from what David Haddock has said about life spans. In the end, the character is so old and shrouded in mystery so that it doesn’t really matter.


    The Transhumanitarian is at his core a survivor, but also seeks to see the betterment of the human race. (This has been expanded to an extent to aliens, seeking to further what is good and noble in the Tevarin, Xi’An & Banu. At the moment opposes the Vanduul with great vehemence and supports Operation Pitchfork)


    In recent times The Transhumanitarian has developed a pattern:

    • Cold sleep for a few years
    • Wake up – assess the geopolitical situation and holdings of his financial empire
    • Perhaps start a new business venture or two (Ex. Citizen Star News, Citizen Stars Foundation)
    • Develop proxies to run these ventures (potentially my characters)
    • Go back to cold sleep, setting a time period and/or conditions that would cause his reawakening

    He’s rumored to operate off of a Hope-class Hospital Endeavor or some facility on Terra or Goss.

    Anyway, feedback & ideas welcome! I’ll be dropping a few of my thoughts and notes here later as time goes on.

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    • This topic was modified 5 years, 3 months ago by  CZenStar.
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