TOS, Rules & Privacy is a private project oriented website. We reserve the right to moderate however we want. That said, all are welcome who come with a positive and constructive attitude.

Terms of Service

Any posts here constitutes an unrevokable grant of the posters copyrights for the posted material for any purposes relating to the Citizen Stars Project and this website, although copyright is retained by original author.


One Rule - Don't be a Dick -wilw
One Rule: Follow Wheaton’s Law: “Don’t be a dick.”

Be Excellent to Each other! - Bill & Ted

One piece of advice: Be excellent to each other!


We here at the Citizen Stars Collaboration and related projects, pledge to maintain the strictest possible privacy standards for user data.

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Advertising is not currently implemented, but if ever implemented will adhere to strongest reasonable industry standards.

Thank you,

– from all of us on the Citizen Stars Team

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