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2758 - Not in Nottingham

Source: Comm-Link - 2758: Not in Nottingham



United/Tribune NewsOrg Archive

Published: January 14, 2758 SET

Vanduul Attack! By. Edward Coss

The citizens of Boro thought they were ready. They had orbital defenses, deep-space scanners, auto-locks. With all that they thought that they were safe. But when a Vanduul warband hits, you have to be more than ready.

At 17:23 local time, the attack began. Fortunately, a call went out almost immediately. Local militia from around the system scrambled to their ships to rout the raiders but it wasn’t until the UEE Fleet arrived that the Vanduul fled like cowards back into the dark of space.

The Vanduul attack lasted twenty-seven minutes. In that time, fourteen souls were extinguished and millions in property were destroyed or looted.


Source: Comm-Link - 2758: Not in Nottingham