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The High-Advocate and successive departments handle the legal and law enforcement duties of the empire.

Formed in 2523 when the United Nations of Earth transformed into the United Planets of Earth (UPE). The Advocacy was designed to be an inter-system police force under the High Advocate. During the fascist Messer Era, the Advocacy took on a darker role as the Imperator’s Secret Police, Intelligence, and Espionage agency. The extent of their actions are still unknown but Advocacy officials at the time were implicated in high-profile assassinations, the apprehension and torture of non-compliant elements in the populace, and propaganda mongers.

When the Imperator fell, they were reconstituted to their original purpose. While most planets were expected to police themselves, the Advocacy handled crimes that crossed planets and systems, fugitives and even extra-jurisdictional extractions (pursuit into Banu or Xi’An territory). Advocacy Agents are generally feared among the criminal community. They are well-trained in pursuit and apprehension techniques, equal parts hotshot pilot and thorough investigator. Most Advocacy Agents operate alone but teams of them can be dispatched for high-profile targets or situations of implied violence. The real danger of the Advocacy Agent is what they represent. A criminal could kill a cop and could probably kill an Agent under good circumstances… but they will just send another and another until they ghost him.

While the Advocacy does handle fugitives, they have been known to outsource to the Bounty Hunter Guild.

Source: Writers Guide, Part One


Special Agent

Supervisory Special Agent

Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (ASAC)

Spec Agent-in-Charge (SAC)

Assistant Section Chief (ASC)

Section Chief (SC) (oversees Advocacy activity in one system)

Deputy Assistant Director

Assistant Director

Director (highest position in The Advocacy)


Ranks Source: Writers Guide, Part Five