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The Star Citizen Writers Guide

A series of Official CIG Comm-Links that detail the Star Citizen Verse's lore in broad strokes, with an eye toward educating a fiction writer for writing stories that fit in.

Generally assumed to have been written by David Haddock, CIG's Lead writer. (And only writer at the time, I believe. - Ed.)

If you are looking for a writers guide for this wiki try Style Guides

Index of this series:
 Part 1 – UEE Structure
 Part 2 – Timeline & Citizens/Civilians
 Part 3 – Local Government & Media
 Part 4 – Corps
 Part 5 – Criminals
 Part 6 – Alien Civs (Banu & Xi’An)
 Part 7 – Alien Civs (Vanduul & Tevarin)
 Part 8 – Technology
 Part 9 – Transportation
 Part 10 – People
 Part 11 – Story Telling