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Citizen Magazine



Citizen Magazine is an in-fiction publication distributed throughout the United Earth Empire. Established in 2884, it has continued to grow to what is now one of the most iconic brands in the industry. While the printed newspaper is a thing of the past, the magazine is very successful in the digital market, and there is also a printed collector’s edition available primarily on the core worlds.

The magazine’s creation has been inspired by the lore stories published in the Spectrum Dispatch section of the RSI website. These often come in the form of excerpts from broadcast shows, such as the Showdown, Plain Truth or Empire Report, providing snippets of information about the Star Citizen universe. Individually they are limited in scope and details, but collectively they add up to flesh out a compelling “living, breathing universe”. Citizen Magazine aims to complement the lore with fan created articles, written and collected in a magazine format.

While the first issue contains primarily information collected from the RSI website and arranged in a magazine layout, the goal of the magazine is to gather articles written by the community, to the point where it can be filled with fan-created content.

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