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The Elysium system is detailed here: The Observist: Jalan, Elysium

The system of Elysium has a unique distinction in Human history; it was the flash point of our first interstellar war and site of the end of the second.

What the Tevarin once called Kaleeth became Elysium IV after the First Tevarin War. After the Second, Elysium IV was recognized by the Senate and became Jalan.

Elysium is a Main Sequence Dwarf type F.

Elysium I

A rare example of a gas giant that formed in the outskirts of the system and migrated inward, now holding the innermost orbit very close to the star.

Elysium II

An uninhabited rock covered with deep impact craters. Scientists speculate the that the planet was hit by a roaming asteroid. Tevarin historians have not contributed to the discussion.

Elysiym III Vosca

A sprawling arid desert, the surface of Vosca is a merciless environment. Inhabitants constructed the arcology of Reza's Landing to shield them selves from the raging sandstorms.

Elysium IV Jalan

The former Tevarin homeworld of Kaleeth, Jalan is a beautiful alien world, known for it's stunning and bizarre rock formations. The planet still maintains some of the oldest Tevarin structures that managed to survive both wars. A handful of them (including a Rijorin Temple) are located in Gemma this planet's capital.

Elysium V

I distant dead ice planet on a long orbit around it's star.

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