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Thanks to unchecked greed of the era, Garron System is almost exclusively known for the Massacre of Garron II (2792). While that atrocity ultimately ignited the downfall of the Messers, a developing species was casually exterminated in the process. Now the system exists as a memorial to the potential dangers of terraforming.[1]

Type: Single Star
Size: 9 AU

Garron (Star)

Garron I

Garron II

In 2792, the site of the infamous event Massacre of Garron II.

A terraforming Corp begins to terraform an inhabited planet. The inhabitants weren’t star-travellers, just a developing race, which get wiped out from the atmo-processors. The corp vehemently denies that the aliens were capable of conscious thought. Activist vid-footage of the aliens’ rational behavior is leaked to the Spectrum. It is also revealed that the terraforming Corp is closely tied to the Benevolent Imperator’s family. That’s the final straw; the people rise up and overthrow of the government. Erin Toi of Earth becomes the new Imperator and promises an age of enlightenment and social consciousness.[2]

Garron III

Garron IV

System Maps

Ark Starmap

Note: Garron is bugged in the StarMap at this time. Can't drill down into it.

Known Jump Points


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