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Gavin Arlington

CEO Shubin Interstellar[1]

Born on Earth, Gavin Arlington was immersed into the world of business and finance from a young age when he got his first job as a runner at the Mumbai Commodity Exchange. According to his 2941 autobiography Collecting Dust, it was his time on the exchange floor, watching fortunes made and lost in fractions of seconds, that inspired the development of his business philosophy known as Evolutionary Management.

According to this theory, only by creating a corporate environment where the ambitious and hardworking get rewarded and those not performing above expectations get quickly culled can a company remain agile and not get mired in stagnation. Even though Shubin has seen a high level of turnover in the past few years, the strategy seems to be working. Since Arlington has taken over Shubin, the company has recorded increases in profit and expansion across the board. Under his leadership dozens of new initiatives have been started, including the company’s move to Stanton, tech overhauls of their mining fleet, their historical conservation program, employee health awareness, massive charitable contributions and a strong dedication to hiring military veterans. However, despite this proven track record, one of his more recent directives has been met with some controversy.


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