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Kilian V

Home of UEE Navy headquarters and birthplace of the Bengal-class strike carrier! MacArthur (named after a famed army general of the previous millennium, in what naval personnel choose to find amusing irony) is home to the largest Human naval base in the galaxy. It’s where tens of thousands of naval aviators train every year and where all major naval exercises are planned and coordinated. The planet is orbited by countless rings of spatial moorings and drydock facilities. The largest ships in the known universe, including the Bengal, are constructed in the space around MacArthur. As a result, MacArthur is a place where merchants can make a killing. On the legal side, merchants can bring in processed ores, weapons components, shield generators and a myriad of other elements needed for constructing large warships. Those affiliated with the black market can also get rich on MacArthur, as the planet’s population of lonely ship crews has a variety of appetites. The latter category should be warned, though, that there are more standing military patrols in the Kilian system than there are anywhere this side of the Vanduul line.

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