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Nathaniel Deimos

(Player Character of Player GunHog)

Personal Philosophy:

  • Life is precious and governments are cheep. So make them pay dearly for every drop of blood they shed.
  • Greed is the first step down from success.

Deimos is the current Commanding Officer of Javelin Special Operations Group (JSOG).

JSOG operate as a Joint Task Force (JTF) platform. Incorporating the specific skill sets of our alliance partner organizations as "squadrons" or section specialists. This allows the group to perform with maximum mission flexibility and or when desired total autonomy. JSOG maintains a robust organic capability. Able to field a myriad of ships from a flight of Vanguards, transports, exploration platforms to capital ships.


REI, SRCOM and as yet to be discovered alliances.


2895 Born August 15th in the underwater city of New Orleans Louisiana to Arthur “Bull” Deimos (Hardhat Construction Diver) and Clair McFadden (Air filtration specialist for Bio-Dome systems).

2913 At 18 Nate ran away from home and enlisted in the UEE Navy. Completing Aerospace Electronic Technicians school in May of 2914

2915 Assigned to the UEES Countenance (famous and gracefully aged ship of the line) as ships crew. He enrolled in UEE Space Deployment College working to get a degree in Aerospace engineering. He graduated with a Masers in Aerospace engineering in 2919.

2920 Accepted and given orders to Centauri Officer Academy graduating 150th (out of 462) in his class on 2922. Only the top 50 get to pick their track. A raffle allows sub 50 officers to win the coveted alternate pick as their primary. First Lieutenant Deimos won and was sent to Flight school.

2946 Current

Call sign: GunHog

During weapons training with the Marine instructors Nate (also true to life for the author) was eager to fire, test, throw (grenades), work every position on the 155 crew and breakdown every weapon they would let him get his hands on. If someone had ammunition they did not want to finish off he was the first hand up. The Range Officer (1stSgt H. in real life as we disposed of 160 extra grenades) said: "You're a effing gun hog" and it stuck.


Can this character be used by other authors? What rights are reserved and what concessions are requested?

Yes, however only after review of work and then with permission by the character's player: GunHog