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From: Comm-Link - System Unlock: Oberon

Ownership: Lawless
Planets: 7
Planetary Orbital Periods: 286 SED (Gonn), 355 (Uriel)
Import: Oxygen, Reactors
Export: Heavy Metals
Crime Status: Medium
Black Market: Weapons
UEE Strategic Value: Purple

Recently in the news: Empire Report: Victory on the Vanduul Front


White Dwarf - Degenerate A[1]

Oberon I (Gonn)

Home to a robust mining community like those found in the most distant places on Earth: a group of humans seemingly unconcerned with their own welfare in an impossibly harsh environment. The world is not terraformed, and inhabitants must brave extreme heat and cold in order to survive… but the process is worthwhile, with massive exports of titanium, durasteel and tungsten. Countless robotic refineries allow the miners to offer processed alloys rather than simply raw ores.

Citizen Stars Note: Original unlock document had Gonn as Oberon IV, but Ark Starmap lists as Oberon I. Ark is more up to date so presume a retcon.[2]

Oberon II (Uriel)

The historical centerpiece of the system is Oberon V, Uriel. One of the saddest stories in modern terraforming, Uriel represents an attempt to raise the core temperature to make up for the lack of heat from Oberon’s neutron star. The attempt was considered a sure thing and its failure left three sloships of colonists bound for the world trapped and forced to either eke out a life underground or die of exposure. A competitive, family-based society has formed on the world, with seven major clans vying for control of scant few resources.

Several above-ground settlements have sprung up in recent years, although they have a distinct expiration date. In five years, a swarm of 70-year cyclical insects will devour all organic matter above sea level. Attempts at extermination in advance of the deadline have thus far been unsuccessful. As the saying goes, the most valuable thing someone can ship in the Gonn system is Urielians away from it.

Citizen Stars Note: System unlock document had as Oberon V. Ark starmap lists as Oberon II. Ark is more up to date, so we presume retcon. Ark also does not mention the "swarm of 70-year cyclical insects will devour all organic matter above sea level".[3]

Oberon III

Protoplanet near the system's scant habitable zone.[4]

Oberon IV

Uninhabitable protoplanet. [5]

Oberon V

Dwarf planet without an atmosphere that has been stripped of valuable resources.[6]

Oberon VI

A gas dwarf with a rocky core.[7]

Oberon VII

A Class IV gas giant comprised of cabon monoxide, leading to a high presence of alkali metals which give it its subdued coloring. [8]

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