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Roland Gerard

Player Character - Citizen Ed (Probably not an in game char… but an “ancestor” char that operates behind the scenes.)

Commander UEEN Intelligence until 2912

Current Member of Player Organization JSOG

(Note: Intend for him to retire when we enter actual operations at game launch. He's not actually supposed to be a character I'll ever play.)

Grants: Talk to me (Citizen Ed) before using, but am open to having him appear around.


28XX - Born (Bourdeux, France, Earth)

2911 - Flies with JSOG on occasion, guiding them to targets.

2912 - Mustered out dishonorable discharge for insubordination following the events of the UEEN JSOG’s Final Mission to Armitage. Manages to get his record erased (and assists some other cashiered members of the dissolved UEEN JSOG).

2913 - One of the founding members of JSOG Inc.