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Main Article: Bremen#Bremen II (Rytif)

Breadbasket, forge of the revolution and high tech headquarters: Bremen II, formally recognized as Rytif, is the planet that has worn so many hats. Rytif is currently home to Consolidated Outland’s growing starship empire, and it is the personal home of the company’s eccentric founder. The recent discovery of subsurface mineral deposits combined with the planet’s long history of agriculture means that Rytif is a rare “self sufficient” terraformed world that can theoretically exist without any interstellar commerce. In reality, Rytif is anything but an isolated world, with the popularity of the Mustang line bringing trade from around the galaxy.

Despite the planet’s storied history and recent popularity, Rytif’s settlements retain a ‘small town’ sensibility. Visitors are usually directed to Stalford, a mid sized city located just north of the equator. Stalford has long been the farming headquarters of the planet, with water farms and commercial vivariums ringing its surrounding hills. A variety of tourist-centric monuments to the role of the planet in the fall of the Messers have sprung up in the past five years, and tourism also seems poised for a growth spurt.