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Chronos II (Schwester)

Schwester is known for its role in one of the most infamous political scandals in UEE history. In 2925, a Senate attache was tasked with creating a progress report for an independent auditing committee. She discovered that the harvesting and refining facilities that were supposed to have been built to collect the greenhouse gasses trapped by Schwester’s dense atmosphere had in fact never been constructed. It seemed a senior foreman on the project, Ellie Kanis, had been skimming from the vast project fund undetected for years.

Public outrage over the Kanis Caper only intensified as publications, like the Terra Gazette, quantified the amount taken in graphs splashed across the front page. For the first time, many in the public grasped exactly how much money the Synthworld (Chronos III) construction cost the Empire. The Synthworld’s sluggish construction pace and the ballooning government deficit drove many within the Empire to question whether the project was still worth it.

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Source: Comm-Link - Galactic Guide: Chronos System