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Site Notes

Citizen Stars Collaborative

Citizen Star + Imagine Studios Project

Initial Pitch on Imagine Studios Skype Chat- Citizen Ed: "What do you guys think of this idea: The Citizen Star's Collaborative (possibly on CitizenStars.scimaginestudios.com/) Wordpress + Wiki site, featuring community contributed bios for use in fan fiction and community projects. Can track appearances and whatnot. Could have a level of editorial overview to create a sort of collaborative community cannon."

Grew out of a discussion about Character Cards for Nighthawk Zale's Traverse the Verse

A compendium of community characters & lore set in the Star Citizen Verse, designed to facilitate collaborative fiction and lore development.

Community members create bios (images) for their creations, detail rights grants, contact info. List appearances. Link sources.

Registered Citizenstars.org for it. (who is camping on .com? It looks like its for sale.)

Using buddy press allows for (sp/f)acebook like social features (friends, groups) and could grow to be a community hub of it's own. Potential growth into something like EVE's backstage which was a largely OOC way for EVE's RPers to keep their stories straight, cook up new RP & mediate the inevitable drama flair ups.

Adi.nitisor: Contributed idea of adding official characters

Adi.nitisor: Contributed idea of using social-logins

Grown into a complete (offical+unofficial) lore compendium

Logo ideas

Now using Zoom's excellent Citizen Stars "Head" logo.

  • No Longer - Using Imagine Studios logo for the moment
  • Default Star Citizen avatar with the four pointed SC Star as a head. + Perhaps a more cartoon version "Earthworm Jim" style.
  • A variant of the of the CitizenStarNews logo, but with the News removed from the top and simply STARS underneath.

Portal & Forums

Wordpress + Buddy Press + BBPress

Evaluating social login plugins


Blackout Theme, child theme, heavily modified

Vegas in background




Settings for MediaWiki are done largely in the LocalSettings.php file.

Anonymous user edits are disabled there, search for "$wgGroupPermissions['*']"

Enabled on our wiki is ($wgAllowExternalImages), you can also embed external images. To do that, simply type the image's url alone on a line:


Should probably be reserved for linking to images on dedicated hosting sites like Imgur.com and perhaps media on RobertsSpaceIndustries.com.

Wordpress Single Sign On:


Did have some issues with needing to edit the scripts to work here. To be documented in more detail later.


Bootstrap skin with a growing number of modifications.

Redid "footer.php" almost entirely.

Added a call to pull in "header.php" to Bootstrapskin.skin.php. Created custom header.php to mimic the word press site navigation.

Commented out missing file "bootstrap.less" in bootstrap/bootstrapskin.php

Removed scheme "http:" from font loads as it was causing an error in bootstrap/bootstrap/css/fonts.css

To change MediaWiki css, go to https://www.citizenstars.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Common.css, and click "edit".


  • DONE - Enable integration of accounts between Wordpress and MediaWiki (Wordpress being master of accounts)
  • PARTIALLY DONE - social logins (Need to consider ramifications for trolling and defacement though)
  • MOSTLY DONE - Wordpress CSS for forums
  • DONE - Enable/Fix mail notifications from server.
  • DONE - Fix SPF Records for mail
  • Rewrite ToS and Privacy policies. We are point to Wikimedia Foundation's right now.
  • DONE - Clean urls for Wiki
  • DONE (But will have to be redone for any new bg images) - Optimize portal background images.
  • MediaWiki SEO - https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WikiSEO

Under Consideration

  • Personae functionality?
    • Account switching. Allow subaccounts so users could potentially "speak" as their characters without needing to create standalone accounts.
    • Could potentially be based on: https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-switching/ but use account "ownership" rather than roles. Fork this project?
  • How integrated should this be with Citizen Star News?
    • I don't think this works as a satellite of CSN. CSN on the other hand could be re-invigorated down the road as a satellite of CitizenStars. -Ed
  • Levels of "Canon"
    • Possible levels: Official CIG, CSC Accepted, Proposed, Alternate
    • Who is the judge?
  • Semantic Wiki extension use?
  • More use of Wikipedia style templates and official formatting? Or keep it informal.
  • Talk/Discussion pages aren't obvious. Only available from Page Menu -> Discussion. For logged-in users, would be nice if there were an indication that "Talk:" were present and a clearer button.
  • For that matter "Edit" button closer to the content might be nice too.
  • DONE: Categories CSS... may be too close to the bottom of the article. (Why I often put a header rule above categories.)
  • DONE: Possibly not show slideshow off the front page?
  • Number of wiki pages (Currently: 542) on wiki Main Page?