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Squadron 42

As a UEEN Squadron

Squadron 42 is the legendary volunteer unit assigned to the UEES Paul Steed (CV 023) of the 2nd Fleet of the United Empire of Earth Navy. It can be found in many warzones and even took part in the Second Tevarin War's infamous Battle of Centauri in 2610.[1]

In 2911 was commanded by "the smart tought lady named Aria Reilly". With a notable pilot Lt. Terrence Nolan.[2]

As a Solo RPG Game

Also the title of the solo-player RPG companion game to Star Citizen, with professional "star" actors providing full performance capture.

Director: Chris Roberts

Writers: Dave Haddock, William Weissbaum, Adam Wieser

Cast overview, first billed only[3]:

Gary Oldman - Admiral Ernst Bishop

Mark Hamill - Lt. Cdr. Steve 'Old Man' Colton

Mark Strong

Sophie Wu

John Rhys-Davies

Randall Graves

Liam Cunningham - Captain Noah White, UEES Stanton

Jack Huston - Cal Mason

Ben Mendelsohn

Rhona Mitra - Executive Officer Kelly, UEES Stanton

Gillian Anderson - Captain Rachel MacLaren

Sandi Gardiner - Nayara 'Pusher' Fell

Andy Serkis

Harry Treadaway

Ian Duncan

Stephen Bisland


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