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Steve Colton

Steve "Old Man" Colton, LT CDR, UEE 5th Fleet


To those who know him, Old Man is an institution of the UEE Navy. Throughout his career, he’s flown every kind of ship, on every kind of mission. He has seen it all and it makes him an incredible teacher to up-and-coming pilots. Unfortunately, he is not a people-person. He doesn’t as much teach as ‘hammer into shape.’ By all accounts Old Man should be much higher in the chain of command, but his bluntness and refusal to soften or censor his criticism have rubbed enough people the wrong way to stymie what could have been a promising career.

Underneath it all though, Old Man is a believer in the Navy and what it stands for. To that end, he’s actually quite selfless and perfectly content devoting himself to something that’s bigger than he is. Old Man also has a very clear notion of right and wrong. He believes in justice: while the system may be unreliable, the idea is right and something that Humanity must aspire toward.

Source: Answer the Call

Performance capture of actor Mark Hamill to be used for this character's appearance in Squadron 42[1]

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