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Why we link & where

We wiki-link important terms in a wiki page in order to provide clarifications to what might not be known. As such wiki-link any Star Citizen or Lore specific term on it's first appearance. Also recommend linking in bullet lists and subsection titles.

Do not be afraid to wiki-link when the article does not yet exist. Unlike most web development, creating pages with links to pages not created is encouraged! These so called "red links" create a demand for new pages. Tools like Special:WantedPages are used to find terms frequently mentioned but not yet defined.

When creating new pages, the tool "What Links to Here" can be used to find references that help create a more complete page.

Terms are generally preferred to link to the singular noun form. Categories to plural (exceptions for members of a Proper Named series).

Further reading: Wikipedia: Manual of Style - Linking

How To

Links Help

New Pages

To create new pages, we generally edit an existing page and create a link to a term using double square brackets:

 [[Subject]] or [[Title]]

After the link is created and page saved, it should show as red if the page doesn't already exist or blue if it does. Simply click that link and start editing.

Please have a care when you choose titles. Ideally think dictionary or encyclopedia definition of a subject. Orgs preferably by full formal name.

You can feel free to add to the Featured Pages above if you can't find any other suitable place to place your initial link. Wiki editors will do the work of creating the structure around these articles.

Note: Alternative way to create a page by standard wiki protocol is to do a search for the term first and if no page is found, it will offer you a chance to create the page.

Fine Grained Links

Subsections are defined as an html anchor.

You can create links to subsection links by using the # character as so:


For example:

[[Link#How To]]


Link#How To

Foreign Links

Foreign Links, creating links to sites outside of the site:

 [URL Label]

For example:

 [http://www.citizenstarnews.com/ Citizen Star News]


 Citizen Star News