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Dictionary definition: Lore

When dealing with a fictional universe, the lore is the combination of in-fiction facts, characters and stories that make up the "backstory" for that universe.

Our goal here at the Citizen Stars Collaborative is to create an exhaustive compendium of that lore and the "expanded universe" (to borrow a somewhat ill-fated term from Star Wars). To become a Universe Bible to reference when making lore. Even beyond collecting Category:Official CIG Lore we'll be collecting stories and characters from the community that live in that universe.

To that end, the style guide.

We want articles to be exhaustive, to link to and/or detail every appearance and mention of the article's topic. Possible sections might include:

 == Appearances ==
 == History ==
 == See Also ==

Please use citations and links to "prove" the veracity of the articles contents.

We CAN crib from official sources, but do cite them.[1]

For pages that are entirely or almost entirely comm-links, I've been using a "Source: Link" line at the beginning and end of the article body.

For pages that have significant additional content but were largely based on a comm-link, I've been using a "Primary Source: Link" line at the bottom of the article.

Please do use Category Tags where appropriate:

 [[Category:Offical CIG Characters]]
 [[Category:Official CIG Lore]]
 [[Category:Official CIG Comm-Links]]
 [[Category:Spectrum Dispatch]]
 [[Category:Galactic Guide]]


  1. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/1937656/#Comment_1937656 Ben Lesnick's grant to reproduce Comm-Links