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Matt Fossa

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Matt Fossa (aka Mufossa75 & User:Cscw-Mufossa75) has been a Star Citizen community member since September of 2012. (Before the grand unveiling on October 10th)

An active professional symphony musician by trade, he is Principal Oboist of the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra and the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra. Inspired by the vision of Star Citizen, Matt composed "The Heroic Flight," in January of 2013 to be used as theme music for CIG's original weekly news program, Wingman's Hangar. (A show which is now being used by Descendent Studios.) This piece was originally presented in a crude MIDI format. Later, it was performed in concert by the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra and the recording of that performance was then used as the show's closing credits music.

In 2015, Matt's oboe playing was hand-picked by Star Citizen's Official Soundtrack Composer, Pedro Macedo Camacho, to be featured on the track, "My Home is in the Stars," which can be heard at Port Olisar in the Stanton System. The completed track featuring Matt was first heard at CitizenCon 2015 in Manchester, UK.

Matt's love of science fiction and enthusiasm for the Star Citizen project has led him to compose music for a variety of SC fan-run shows, podcasts, and movies including:

Matt's only in-game character is Mitchell Sloan, a retired UEE fighter pilot turned Comms Officer who runs a radio show based in the Croshaw system.

He is a member of Grievance Total Gaming, Imagine Studios, and the Star Citizen Motley Collaborators.

In addition to scoring various Star Citizen fan projects, Matt is the official soundtrack composer for the Android OS/Windows game, "Darkdawn: Encounters" by Leonardo Ceballos.

He has also released "Forward Reflections," an album of all-original Sci-Fi inspired music with four tracks directly inspired by Star Citizen. This album was featured on Episode 3 of The Wonderful World of Star Citizen.

Matt has also written music for a trailer for "Descent: Underground"