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Mitchell Sloan

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This page is about a Star Citizen character created and played by Matt Fossa.

Citizen Dossier


Mitchell Sloan is a 16 year UEEN Veteran, a Fighter pilot turned Comms officer. Upon retirement, Sloan returned to his home system of Croshaw and, after purchasing a Freelancer with some retirement funds and outfitting it with a Navy grade omnidirectional transmitter, Sloan found himself making use of all the skills he developed in the Navy: Making regular circuits of his home system aboard the Nimble Newsie and adding his voice to the small number of Independent reporters and InfoAgents giving their own perspectives on local events in the Imperial Core Systems.

His signature show, The Gateway Report, enjoys a wide following and Sloan, after over ten years of broadcasting, has been recognized as a Trusted Voice by locals in Croshaw, Sol, Rhetor, and Ferron as well as by travelers regularly passing through that part of the Empire.