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pronounced : / Van-DOOL /



Very little is actually known about the Vanduul as a species. They first ‘introduced’ themselves to Humanity by attacking a colony in Orion system about two hundred and fifty years ago, and things haven’t really improved since then. The UEE’s entire interaction with the Vanduul has been through combat. After the end of the Messer Era, the new Imperator attempted to stop the violence and open diplomatic relations with the Vanduul. The disparate structure of the Vanduul civilization makes it nearly impossible to negotiate with the species as a whole, but none of the individual clans offered anything but hostility — the diplomatic emissaries were exclusively met with laser fire.

One result is that we don’t know why they hate us so much. While it’s very easy to see why the UEE refers to them as barbaric, the Vanduul are not stupid or merely savages.


2681-08-09 - First Vanduul Attack - Armitage, Orion (System)[1][2]

2910 - The Vanduul Attack Squadron 42 [3]

2928 - Vanduul attacks increase [4]

2932 - Vanduul Raid in Vega, Famous Squadron 214 Bravo Flight "Virgil Raid"[5]

2940 - Vanduul skirmish against Squadron 36[6]; Operation Unilateral Force

2942 - Cassandra's Tears released to the spectrum. Allegedly chronicling the real life adventures of Cal Mason, a UEEN pilot who foiled a Vanduul plot to attack Earth with a bioweapon sometime earlier.

2942 - Vanduul carrier-ship, henceforth referred to as X12, found dead in space off Garron[7]

2943-05-10 - Vanduul Warship Analysis leaked from UEEHICOM, Office of Naval Intelligence

2945-10-06 - New Corvo in Ruins Vanduul Attack on Aremis "Battle of Vega II" | ARK StarMap

2945-10-06 - Fear and Loathing in Lost Vega

2945-10-10 - Admiral Ernst Bishop's "Victory" Senate Speech

2945-10-13 - Clean Shot: Vega Relief


If the Vanduul have a homeworld, it is unknown to Humans. Some scientists posit that the planet may have been destroyed or abandoned, which scattered the Vanduul clans into a life on the drift.

Political System

Meritocracy. You are what you obtain. There is little to no communication between the different roaming clans. Each fleet operates as its own society with its own independent set of rules, laws and customs as decreed by that clan’s CHIEFTAIN.

As such, it is probably impossible to make peace or establish diplomatic relations with the Vanduul as a whole since there is no cohesive civilization.


The Vanduul’s family structure is also very distinct from Humanity. There is one tradition that exists throughout all of the Vanduul; once a child reaches adulthood (usually around the Human equivalency of 13-14), they are banished from their family. Before they go, the parents will fashion a knife for their child. This knife will be the child’s only possession as he/she sets out into adulthood. They will receive no money, housing, or support of any kind from their former family. Everything that the newly recognized adult achieves starts with the knife and grows from there.

Therefore, there is no hereditary transfer of money or influence. You get nothing for being the child of a Chieftain. You are judged by your own accomplishments, not who you were born to.

Consequently, these knives are treasured possessions that they keep for the rest of their lives. While it is possible to legitimately gain one through personal combat, if the Vanduul discover that someone has obtained a knife through theft or sale, they will take it back in the most excruciating way possible.


Goran Horde - Known to operate in and near Garron [8]




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